Cashbacks | Weendict


Get back as high as 150% of your deposits!

"A Weendict cashback allow beneficiaries to get back a certain percent of their money as earnings when funding an account wallet or predicting events on the platform."

Cachbacks on Deposits

As a welcome bonus, an automatic cashback is issued to every new user upon account funding. This means, the moment you signup and make your first deposit, you get back over 50% of your funds added to your wallet to help you quickly double your prediction efforts.

Promo Cashbacks Vouchers

This cashback usually come during promotional periods but we do sometimes surprise random users with an email of such cashbacks to either encourage them to predict more or show our appreciation towards their usage of the platform. You only have to be active to be one of beneficiaries.

Event Prediction Cashbacks

Certain events are associated with a prediction cashback ranging from 5-15%. These hot events are mostly issued this cashbacks to encourage you to predict such events and to demonstrate how anticipated we are to see the outcome. Users that have made a lot of predictions benefit most from this cashback

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