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About Us

We are illuminating the hope of a brighter future.

We want to rekindle the hope of a brighter future in the hearts of the people by keeping them enticed and anticipated on upcoming events that revolutionize the world as we know it.

We are helping people to earn from their insights on events they already follow as opposed to just standing on the sidelines. Sometimes you love an event so much that you spend too much time forcasting & keeping taps on it from afar. Weendict helps you convert all that time to hard cash by predicting the outcome.
By predicting events you inevitably become fully aware of what is happening around you. We want to encourage people to have more things to look forward to while giving them a whole new reason to actively participate in what they love. This breeds unity, keeps everyone enlightened and creates financial stability.

Many things already happen around us on a daily basis and a lot of them are things we saw coming, things we could predict and most times, these things take up a huge chunk of our money so, if you could predict it, why not earn from it instead of letting it earn from you?

Weendict was founded by Latii Brayllot; The founder of Slourish who has spent the better half of last decade building brands that creates quality financial libration solutions for Africans.
Although there is a chance that what you predicted may not happen as expected, we hope you use Weendict solely as a money-making platform and not to quench your betting taste in order not to attract a gambling addiction.
The Weendict Team is always ready to help resolve any issue you encounter. If you have questions, see our FAQs page or if you need assistance you can reach us anytime via the support section of your dashboard. For business-related matters, please shoot us a mail or contact us here.

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