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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Weendict.com about?

Weendict is an event prediction platform where anyone can earn good cash just by predicting the outcome of upcoming happenings around them.

Who is eligible to signup?

Anyone over the legal age of maturity (18+ years) of his/her location who is able to make authoritive informed decisions and perform transactions without an adult supervision or prior permission of a guardian. This is to ensure that all members actually know what they are doing and will be able to properly utilize the platform.

How can I be a member?

You simply create a free Weendict account with a valid email, phone & a strong PassKey. Then you are expected to verify your email, fund your wallet so, you can start predicting & and earning from events.


What is the best account security measure?

We understand how confusing it may be to maintain different login details for numerous platforms. However, keeping track of your Weendict Login should be taken seriously.

The major safety major is to ensure you choose a strong unique AlphaNumeric PassKey combination that is at least 12 characters and contains upper and lower cases, however, you should only use a password that you can easily remember. The key to this is a simple phrase and date combination. An example of a strong PassKey is [email protected]

What happens if I loose access to my account?

The only way you can loose access to your account is by entering a wrong email address during your account creation. If you did this by mistake, you should contact us with your real email address with proof that you own the account and we will replace your account email to enable you login. If you forgot your PassKord, simply reset it.

Do I need anything to get my account verified?

Not much. You are first required to confirm your email address upon signup. If anything on your account requires further verification by us, we will let you know on your dashboard.

Remember to visit your account regualarly to prevent your profile from being marked as inactive. If this happens, you may no longer be able to predict events or cashout funds and in time, your account will be flagged for possible removal since we like to maintain an updated platform with only relevant data.

Can I pause my account for a while?

Sure. You can deactivate your account in 1 click via your account settings section to keep your account temporary inactive until your next login. You could also make your account private to stay completely invisible and of course, you can delete your account but be very sure while doing it because once an account is deleted, everything about that user will be gone for life.


How do I earn on the Weendict platform

You earn by staking a few bucks when predicting events that you believe the outcome will be favourable to you.

What events can I predict or suggest on Weendict?

Virtually any type of events and future situations. In fact, you can stake on the weather, predict the economy or the future of brands in the tech ecosystem!

Must I add a stake when predicting events?

For now, yes. That is how we get the money to pay you when your prediction comes to pass.

How many events can I predict at a time?

When placing a single prediction, there's currently no limit on the number of events you can predict or stake on but we recommend you only combine a maximum of 5 events at a time.

What happens if my prediction does not come to pass?

Then you won't earn anything. You only earn when your prediction becomes reality.


Can I use Weendict for free?

Of course, there's no compulsory fee associated with using your Weendict account. You may use your account freely for as long as you need to.

Is there any condition attached to my cashbacks?

Your first deposit cashback is unconditional and this means you can use it however you want but it is capped at ₦ 5,000.00. Note that most cashbacks are promotional and will likely expire at the end of the promo period.

Are my bonuses condition in any way?

Not really. The bonuses you get from prediction, earnings, as well as referrals will always remain intact once redeemed. Some bonuses may come in form of a cashback which may be conditional.

Is there some hidden charges attached?

No. You only need to fund your account in order to stake on the events you predict and you are in control of how and when the money is spent.

What are your withdrawal limits?

First, our minimum withdrawal is ₦ 1,000.00 for all accounts and maximum weekly/single withdrawal is currently ₦ 500,000.00 except in special cases where certain verified accounts could cashout up to ₦ 10,000,000.00.

What is the minimum account deposit?

₦ 1,000.00 is our current minimum deposit and in as much as this can change anytime, we always try to keep it as low as possible to give everyone opportunity of utilizing the platform.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can carry out all transactions via USSD, credit/debit cards, your internet banking portal or by doing a simple bank transfer/deposit. Whatever method you prefer to use, your transaction will remain very secure.
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